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Join Musical Miracles for Community Song Writing Workshops

Discover the power of music, mindfulness and creativity

Image by Alexandra Tran

A Safe and Fun Environment for Your Children

At Musical Miracles, we prioritize the safety of your children and provide a nurturing and creative space for them to learn and grow.


Discover Your Inner Musician

Join our community song writing workshops and explore the world of music. Our experienced instructors will help your children develop their creativity and musical skills, whilst helping them connect to their emotions and find tangible ways to enhance their wellbeing.


Song Writing

In our song writing program, children will learn the basics of composing lyrics and melodies. They will have the opportunity to express their emotions through music and collaborate with others.

Music Equipment

Music Production

Our sessions offer some basics in free music recording software, including how to record, mix, and download your own tracks. The software we use can be accessed for free online.

Amplifier Close Up

Backing Tracks

Our program also incorporates the use of backing tracks for children who aren't so keen on picking up and instrument, but love to sing. We'll assist them in developing basic microphone skills and how to use a small portable PA system to use instrumental backing tracks.

Rock gig


Our performance program provides children with the opportunity to showcase their musical talents in front of an audience. They will learn about stage presence, improvisation, and the art of performance.

Image by Samuel Ramos

Musical Instruments

In our musical instruments program, children will learn the basics of instruments like ukulele, kalimba (thumb piano), guitar, keyboard, and how to incorporate small percussive instruments. 

Retro Singer

Vocal Training

Our vocal training program teaches children the techniques and skills needed to become confident and expressive singers. They will learn about breath control, projection, and how to use their voice effectively.

The Magic Of Music

“He says it's the best day he's had in months. Thank you for giving him and everyone else that opportunity”

Musical Miracles Prioritises Well-being

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